Dear handler , 

We are proud to invite you at the BELGIAN OPEN 2019. This trial is open for handlers who has a good standart like the edition 2016 , 2017 and 2018 .

The Belgian Open 2019 takes place on 12/13 and 14 July 2019 at Kalmthout near Antwerp.We provide two fields so that each combination can do two runs on Friday and two runs on Saturday. On Sunday there will be a Double Gather final in which the 15 best combination of the two qualification days. 

The registration will be open on the 25.01.2019 for handlers with a maximum of two dogs entering. Afther one month we send the handlers who are entered a mail  for to landfill the entry fee with the account data . Afther they have received a affimation mail you have to pay the entry fee within 14 days . There will be also a reserve list . Those handlers will be also sent a mail. 

We will entering only max. 75 combination . The entrance fee for a combination will be 110€ for the 4 runs and the final runs are free.

There is a possibility to order a BBQ meal . This is to foresee on Saturday 13.07.2019 at a cost of 25€/person.

We have also a camping place available without any facilities of water and electricity and this for the price of 5€/night.

You have to book this together with the entering for this trial and mail this to

You're entering and registration is completed when the fee is on our account. There will be sent a confirmation to the handler or incoming mail addresses.

              Sincerely yours ,

                                The Werkgroep Schapendrijven in België